About Ronnie Weiss

Ronnie Weiss trains in all weather, day and night. He never sleeps.

Ronnie has over 25 years of advanced dog training experience. He is currently a national Schutzhund competitor, competing with his excellent German Shepherd, Zorro vom haus Glitzernstern (aka “Norris”).

Ronnie has been involved with several great Schutzhund clubs.  He is currently the training director for both Great Lakes Working Dogs Association in Elkhart, Indiana, as well as Turner Junction Working Dog Club in West Chicago, Illinois.  Ronnie is a founding member of both clubs, and trains actively throughout the week in both Indiana and Illinois.

Ronnie has also made significant contributions to many other Schutzhund clubs over the years.  He has been part of the Northern Indiana Working Dog club as well as Michiana Working Dogs.  For many years he also trained at O.G. Landseite Schutzhund Club with the talented trainer and perennial world team competitor Randy Rhodes. In addition, Ronnie has also worked with several police departments to help them build and improve their patrol K9′s.  He has also helped several search and rescue people with situation problems.

Ronnie has trained and competed with multiple breeds.  His top dogs have been German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.  He has developed superb bitework with Rottweilers, Dobermans, Cane Corsos, APBT’s, and various other terriers.  He has a background in animal training, having worked with both horses and big cats.

Internationally, Ronnie has competed multiple times as a world qualifier, and has previously competed on the AWMA world team in Hungary.  Ronnie has also taken multiple trips to places such as the Bahamas to train estate security dogs.

As part of Ronnie’s never ending quest to find the best dogs around, he occasionally breeds dogs out of his kennel Sleghte Bruute.  Sleghte Bruute is a Dutch term meaning “from the bad neighborhood”, a reference to Ronnie’s success over obstacles with his rough and tough style, and his ability to successfully work with people of all backgrounds.