GLWDA Fall Trial 2010

Zorro (aka “Norris”) made his first ever trial appearance at Great Lakes Working Dog Association.  The trial was held on October 2, 2010.  Ronnie and Zorro were an outstanding duo, achieving high in protection with 97 points.  Zorro also achieved his BH the day before, presenting a nearly flawless BH routine under USCA trial judge Michael Caputo.

Zorro started the day with super tracking results of 90 under tough windy conditions with unexpectedly tall alfalfa grass.  Moving on to the obedience phase, Zorro showed excellent promise with a 95 point performance.  His best work, however was reserved for the protection phase, where Ronnie and Zorro outscored the other competitors with an excellent 97 points! Congratulations to Ronnie & Zorro and the rest of the GLWDA who worked hard together!

Watch the video below to see Ronnie & Zorro doing protection at the GLWDA Fall 2010 trial.  Judged by Michael Caputo, with helper work by Randy Rhodes.