Training Products

A good dog training experience requires good equipment.  We have developed a product line named Canine Training Concepts that is personally endorsed, approved, and used by Ronnie Weiss.  We are sure you will find our high quality equipment invaluable in your training.

Versatile Dog Training Vest

Our equipment company was founded with the vision of crafting the highest quality training equipment that will fit the needs of every area of dog training. We have utilized our vast experience as trainers and competitors in the sport of Schutzhund, and have called upon trainers in other venues to build a product line that fits every need from French ring, personal protection, PSA, and police service, and SAR. We recognize the high cost of training in not only training fees and travel, to the cost of training aids and equipment. Our mission is simple, sell the highest quality hand crafted equipment at the lowest prices. We’re confident our equipment will be found in your training bag for years to come.

Our Amish crafted harnesses and leashes are made of the highest quality harness leather, and synthetic material available, with stitching and comfort to the dog and handler in mind. That being said, we welcome your order in the wide range of harnesses, leashes, collars and other products. If you don’t find what you need, please feel free to call or email and we will help design and craft equipment to your standards and needs.

Online Store Coming Soon

All our products will soon be available through an online store that is currently being developed. Until the online store is available, you can order products directly from Ronnie or Wayne by contacting us.